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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Cancellations are allowed. Please contact (212) 201-0720 via call or text for any cancellations or by email at [email protected]. The cancellation fee will be deducted from your credit card if your trip isn’t canceled within the timeframe allotted. Customers must notify our customer service representatives of cancellation at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of pickup and at least six hours in advance for pickups in surrounding areas to avoid cancellation fees.

We are not responsible if you fail to show up, cancel or deviate passenger flights or trains. If we do not receive any notifications of delays or cancellations and in the event, we cannot reach the contact person who registered within 15 minutes of the time for pick up, the ride will be deemed to be a no-show. Therefore, ensure that you get to the location you are assigned, or notify us regarding any changes in your reservation, as this could result in a no-shows cost equal to the total cost of the ride and any other fees.


For credit card purchases, the customer must supply the details of their credit card before approval, and this is to prevent fraud and not the payment for the journey. Suppose you make a reservation using a credit or debit card. In that case, a preliminary charge equivalent to 150 percent of the amount mentioned is debited to the card to cover the total amount estimated, including orders for the travel, tolls, parking, gratuities, additional stops, and any other time or off-hour surcharge. The balance will be removed once the service is complete.

LUGGAGE POLICY luxury sedans, as well as sedans, have room for not more than four adult passengers, with three standard-size luggage, while our SUV is capable of accommodating up to six persons and six standard-sized baggage. The client agrees to the passenger capacity of the vehicle upon booking and is responsible for ensuring that it does not exceed. reserves the right to end the trip without a refund in case the customer does not respect the limits.


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Limo Service Rental NJ

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Limo rental Service NJ


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